Saturday, March 26, 2011

When You're 28 Years Old

When you’re 28-years-old you’re supposed to be invincible. At that age going for a run clears your mind and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. When you’re 28-years-old it seems only natural that you’d be at the expert level on Guitar Hero.

When you’re 28-years-old and you’re newly married the prospects of family are just beginning. You’ve served your country for five years and then gone through the always exhilarating and mind opening experience of getting a degree. You’ve gone through the police academy and are just beginning your career with the Fond du Lac Police Department.

When you’re 28-years-old and spring is just beginning, you’re looking forward to baseball season. You’re teased because although you root for both the Cubs and the Brewers, at heart you’re a Cubbies fan. That’s because of the time you enjoyed watching Cubs games with your grandfather and occasionally taking in the experience at Wrigley Field.

When you’re 28-years-old you’re not supposed to loose your life in the line of duty. It’s a sacrifice you are willing to make, but not one that anyone should take lightly. When you’re 28-years-old your death shouldn’t be the reason grown men and women cry.

When you’re 28-years-old you should be able to enjoy a brisk, sunny Saturday morning in March. You shouldn’t be the reason that brings hundreds of law enforcement officers from across several states together.

When you’re 28-years-old your police career should have about 25 years to go and your life much longer than that. When your 28-years-old you read blogs like this and aren’t the subject of them. End of shift #67 God speed!