Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Good Knights in the Morning

My sister Kathy says they got a sign from my Dad when my Mom had surgery in Madison in January.

My brothers and sisters and I were a little nervous about it because a supposedly routine procedure she underwent in Marquette, Michigan during the fall of 2010 went wrong when they overmedicated her.

She had great doctors at UW Madison Hospitals to do the surgery that would help remove blockage in her cartoid artery. Still there was a chance she might suffer a stroke or worse.

Last Christmas we were all on pins and needles anticipating her surgery the next month. If it was to be our last Christmas together it was nearly perfect. She didn't admit it until later, but my Mom told me she was nervous about the procedure.

On top of everything else her surgery was scheduled the day after my Dad had died (he died in 1980). Needless to say we were also aware of that. But if my sister Kathy was right my Dad sent a sign to calm her and my Mom.

So the morning of her surgery came and they were preparing to leave from the hotel. Despite the early hour a group was meeting in a room on the ground floor. It was the Knights of Columbus. It was then that my sister Kathy and my Mom knew everything was going to be okay. My Dad had been a KC for years. He was an officer and loved being part of the organization.

The surgery went well. Thanks for the sign Dad!