Monday, January 29, 2007

I Got a Name

As the Jim Croce song was titled "I Got a Name." During the last couple of weeks I've been reminded about how important our name is to us, especially if you share it with someone.

Bob Nelson is a more common name than you might think or in this particular case Robert Nelson. You see there's a Robert Nelson who got cited for his 5th drunken driving offense in Dodge County recently. That led to questions about whether I was that Robert, most of them goshingly. No that wasn't me, but it did bring up a good point.

When I use a name in a news story good or bad there is bound to be someone out there with the same name. We don't always use street addresses instead distinguishing a person by their town, village or city, age and whatever the accomplishment or misdeed they did. I get calls about that sometimes. Usually I have a good explanation and like me regarding the drunken driving incident my namesake is accused of, somebody is going to have a joke at your expense.

I can't tell you how many times over the last few years I've been asked if I were related to the Green Bay weather man named Bob Nelson who used to pour beer on TV. Nope sorry, but it is interesting to know that so many people remember the guy so many years later.

I also keep getting calls from a guy who wants to do rewiring for me. Problem is he doesn't have the right Bob. I called his company to clarify, but I got another message several weeks later. Wonder if he's still waiting for my order on the Internet?

Last week I got a call from a woman who was upset about a story I did. No one's name was used in the story only the tragic circumstances. She did give me her name though, which I'd seen in connection with several stories I'd done. She was upset and rude. A couple days later we had a guest on the Breakfast Club by the same name. Nope not the same woman.

A friend of mine used to introduce himself as Pat Sullivan, just like the Heisman Trophy winner of the early 1970's. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Then again maybe I should tell them about my childhood friend Michael Jackson. No he ain't no thriller!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Change we're told is a good thing, but I got to tell you I'm having a hard time getting used to 2007. Maybe it's something you have to work into gradually.

The New Year is underway and I'm trying to get used to the changes in leadership at the local level that are already being made. For example Mick Fink as Fond du Lac County Sheriff, Mark Strand as his new Chief Deputy. Tom Storm is leaving as District Attorney. The Democrats control Congress and the Senate. At the State level they control the Senate.

I really have no problem with political changes. Granted I'm kind of curious how Nancy Pelosi will work out as the new Speaker of the House, but it's good to see checks and balances actually do work. Jim Doyle has a new term as Governor and everyone managed to make it through his first term. What I'm not really ready for yet is people announcing they are going to run for President already. 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue is one address I wouldn't want to call home.

Being a football fan I do love this time of year for change though. So the Packers aren't in the playoffs, but you got to love all the talk about coaching changes. I found it interesting the other day to hear someone talking about whether "Marty Ball" should be axed from the San Diego Charges after going 14 and 2 in the regular season. On the other hand Mike Sherman can't get a head coaching gig while James Lofton is being mentioned for the Oakland Raiders job.

The Hollywood awards season has started. I'm not sure I really want to see any of the movies that were favorites at the Golden Globes, but am curious which will get Oscar nods. I don't think I saw any of last year's winners even on DVD. I enjoy popular films, but critically praised films often leave me wondering what the critics credentials are.

I expect to go through a few changes myself this year. It's unaviodable. Hopefully I'll come out of the year a little lighter than the airline patron pictured in this blog. Now if you pardon me it's time to change the checks in my checkbook, batteries in my clocks and my socks.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I resolve this year to lose weight. There, that's my one and only resolution for 2007. I don't generally like to make resolutions because most of them sound like hollow promises to myself. It's a form of goal setting, which isn't bad but just not for me.

What I'd rather do is see what I have accomplished at the end of the year and hope for something more in the coming year. Here are some things I managed to accomplish or thanks to my job witness during 2006.

I finally made it to Lambeau Field for a Packers game and on one of only three occasions they beat the other team at home (the Detroit Lions).

The following two are accomplishments quite a few of year shared with me in 2006. I got to be on a television show set for the filming of a hit show. Okay I'm talking about the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build for the Koepke family in Dundee. I partied with 100 Powerball jackpot winners on Fond du Lac's South Main Street.

I witnessed a colleague successfully battle prostate cancer and help others in the process. On the flip side of that another colleague had to quit because of health problems. Universal karma. In other KFIZ business our newsroom went totally digital this year and we added podcasts to our lineup of options on the homepage.

Several times during the year I was treated to the passion County residents have for issues. That included the closing of the Rolling Meadows Nursing Home, closing of the Waupun County Park Pool, debate over the use of ATVs on County recreation trails, debate over Fond du Lac water issues, the downsizing of the County Board and more.

There was plenty of change to watch as well including new School District Administrators in North Fond du Lac and Waupun. A new President of the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation. A new Fond du Lac City Council President and County Board Chairperson.

In sports the Barry Alvarez Era ended and the Brett Bielema Era began. In High School football we saw the resurrection of the North Fond du Lac football program and a new coach at Fondy High. The Packers seemed to improve over the course of the season, while the Brewers tanked.

I also found it ironic that one of the World's kindest leaders, President Gerald Ford, and one of its dictators Saddam Hussein died within days of each other. Hussein not by his choice. Again universal karma.

There are a few things I'd like to see in 2007. The end of the caveman tv commercials. There are real minorities that are discriminated against. Fewer stories about cute celebrity couples whose marriages run about the length of a football season. More looking out for the other guy. The NFL recognizing that Thursday games tick off fans who don't pick up the NFL Network and tire players who only have three days to recover from a game that usually takes them a whole week to mend from. Brett Favre make a decision soon.

I'm going to give in and make one more resolution. I will watch an hour of "American Idol" this year. I'm the worst when it comes to super popular tv shows and movies. I finally watched the James Cameron version of "Titanic" this past fall, what some 7 or 8 years after it first came out.

I hope you have a good year, realize your goals and celebrate your accomplishments.