Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Change we're told is a good thing, but I got to tell you I'm having a hard time getting used to 2007. Maybe it's something you have to work into gradually.

The New Year is underway and I'm trying to get used to the changes in leadership at the local level that are already being made. For example Mick Fink as Fond du Lac County Sheriff, Mark Strand as his new Chief Deputy. Tom Storm is leaving as District Attorney. The Democrats control Congress and the Senate. At the State level they control the Senate.

I really have no problem with political changes. Granted I'm kind of curious how Nancy Pelosi will work out as the new Speaker of the House, but it's good to see checks and balances actually do work. Jim Doyle has a new term as Governor and everyone managed to make it through his first term. What I'm not really ready for yet is people announcing they are going to run for President already. 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue is one address I wouldn't want to call home.

Being a football fan I do love this time of year for change though. So the Packers aren't in the playoffs, but you got to love all the talk about coaching changes. I found it interesting the other day to hear someone talking about whether "Marty Ball" should be axed from the San Diego Charges after going 14 and 2 in the regular season. On the other hand Mike Sherman can't get a head coaching gig while James Lofton is being mentioned for the Oakland Raiders job.

The Hollywood awards season has started. I'm not sure I really want to see any of the movies that were favorites at the Golden Globes, but am curious which will get Oscar nods. I don't think I saw any of last year's winners even on DVD. I enjoy popular films, but critically praised films often leave me wondering what the critics credentials are.

I expect to go through a few changes myself this year. It's unaviodable. Hopefully I'll come out of the year a little lighter than the airline patron pictured in this blog. Now if you pardon me it's time to change the checks in my checkbook, batteries in my clocks and my socks.

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