Monday, January 29, 2007

I Got a Name

As the Jim Croce song was titled "I Got a Name." During the last couple of weeks I've been reminded about how important our name is to us, especially if you share it with someone.

Bob Nelson is a more common name than you might think or in this particular case Robert Nelson. You see there's a Robert Nelson who got cited for his 5th drunken driving offense in Dodge County recently. That led to questions about whether I was that Robert, most of them goshingly. No that wasn't me, but it did bring up a good point.

When I use a name in a news story good or bad there is bound to be someone out there with the same name. We don't always use street addresses instead distinguishing a person by their town, village or city, age and whatever the accomplishment or misdeed they did. I get calls about that sometimes. Usually I have a good explanation and like me regarding the drunken driving incident my namesake is accused of, somebody is going to have a joke at your expense.

I can't tell you how many times over the last few years I've been asked if I were related to the Green Bay weather man named Bob Nelson who used to pour beer on TV. Nope sorry, but it is interesting to know that so many people remember the guy so many years later.

I also keep getting calls from a guy who wants to do rewiring for me. Problem is he doesn't have the right Bob. I called his company to clarify, but I got another message several weeks later. Wonder if he's still waiting for my order on the Internet?

Last week I got a call from a woman who was upset about a story I did. No one's name was used in the story only the tragic circumstances. She did give me her name though, which I'd seen in connection with several stories I'd done. She was upset and rude. A couple days later we had a guest on the Breakfast Club by the same name. Nope not the same woman.

A friend of mine used to introduce himself as Pat Sullivan, just like the Heisman Trophy winner of the early 1970's. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Then again maybe I should tell them about my childhood friend Michael Jackson. No he ain't no thriller!

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