Friday, February 02, 2007

That Hollow Feeling

My boss is a Bear's fan and he hasn't been too bad about rubbing it in this season. He sent this through the station pipeline the other day. It was titled the "Chicago Public School System."

To tell you the truth I know how that little Packer fan feels. I get that same feeling every Super Bowl since Green Bay's last appearance. You choose a team to cheer on, but don't really have a stake in the game.

Sometime Super Bowl weekend I'll trot out the video highlights from the 1996 season and possibly the postgame tape. It makes me long for just one more taste. I hope it's not another 29 years between Super Bowl appearances for Packer fans. Then again the Bears waited 21 seasons and the Colts, well they weren't in Indianapolis in 1971 were they?

Brett Favre announced today he's returning for another season. Yeah I know what you're thinking if you're a Packer fan. Wouldn't it be great if he could quarterback them back to the Super Bowl and ride out into the sunset with another win like John Elway did. Did Green Bay fans feel the same way when Lombardi left and Bart Starr toiled for a few more seasons? Bet they did.

Even when the Packers were in the Super Bowl in the late 1990's I never really cared for all the trappings that went along with the game itself. I enjoy the game, every thing else is a distraction. If you want music superstars performing, wait for the Grammys. Pregame could be a few hours shorter and post game goes on too long. Let the winners enjoy themselves.

Of course it could be worse. In case your keeping track the Packers have won 3 Super Bowls, the Bears 1 (pending Sunday), the Minnesota Vikings have lost four, and the Detroit Lions (sorry, Sis) have never been.

Either way I'm an NFL fan and enjoy watching almost any game, except of course for the Pro Bowl.

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