Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Breakfast With Jerry

It was nice to see all the people who stopped at Schreiner's Restaurant in Fond du Lac to wish Breakfast Club host Jerry St. John well prior to his surgery for prostate cancer. We managed to raise about $1,100 for St. Agnes Hospital Foundation's Cancer Care Fund, once again thanks to the generosity of you our listeners.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all could have such a great send off just before we are to face one of life's big hurdles. I know Jerry was genuinely glad to see some familiar faces and meet people he'd never seen before.

It was also good to do the Breakfast Club on the road. Usually we have to make our own coffee and it has a tendancy to take on its own life after its been on the burner for awhile. Those who made donations and left with a KFIZ Breakfast Club coffee mug left with a true treasure and Jerry even autographed a few.

Afterwards some of the KFIZ crew sat down and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. We laughed and told jokes, had some time that we don't normally get to share on your typical radio station morning. Jerry ate his last meal prior to the fasting he would need to do for his surgery. It was one of life's small moments that usually goes unappreciated, but not this time.

A big thank you to those who stopped out to see us and make a contribution. It further demonstrates how caring people are that live in the Fond du Lac area. When we say we have the greatest listeners in the World, we really mean it.