Monday, November 06, 2006


That's the main drag in my hometown of Manistique, Michigan. It hasn't changed much over the years, but the town continues to. I just got back from vacationing there where I visited with family members.

Being a reporter I have to write about my observations, which were many and some were just strange. Driving through Peshtigo I spotted a mannequin fully dressed standing with its back to the street. The hands were placed zipper level and mocked a position sometimes taken by the after hours bar crowd who can't wait until they get home.

There's a new Arby's restaurant in Manistique. That's a big deal in a town of 3,500 and could become gossip central for the breakfast goers. Gasoline was $2.23 a gallon when I traveled through Escanaba and $2.29 when I got back to Fondy.

My sister Diana shared a story with me that I just had to tell, although it's going to gross some out. She works as a secretary at a Catholic school. One day the lady who oversees their pre-school program came in and told her she caught a four-year old boy in the restroom drinking out of a urinal. The next day the janitor came in and said he caught a four-year old boy licking a urinal. I told her that it sounds like a bad Up'er joke. She said more likely mom and dad should have explained the difference between a urinal and a drinking fountain to their youngster.

Having Halloween off I helped pass out candy and popcorn balls to trick or treaters. In Manistique they held trick or treating on Halloween. I kept up the tradition of buying too much candy. I never can seem to get that right. My nephews Max and Derek went as a hippie and ghoul respectively. At least that's what I think they were shooting for. Since they are family they got a popcorn ball and one piece each of the three different kinds of candy we were passing out. Derek asked if he could have three of each.

Going on vacation gives me a chance to listen to other radio stations and watch other television channels. It gives me comfort that Michigan's candidates for office also use dirty tactics in their advertising. Thank goodness the Badger state isn't alone in that. Manistique cable television subscribers get two Green Bay TV stations (channels 5 and 11). The Marquette, Michigan station Channel 6 has a lot to cover, but often not much that really grabs you. One of their reports was on a picket in front of a Manistique casino by workers who claimed they were laid off because they aren't Native American. That was in the 7 p.m. newscast. During the 6 p.m. newscast they ran an ad for that casino.

One radio station from the northern part of the Lower Peninsula ran a promo for their morning show. A key radio personality for that show goes by the name "Omelet." I hope no one at KFIZ gets the swift idea to rename me for "The Breakfast Club." Now here's "Flapjack" with the news.