Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Tree

Why is it that every year we get dragged into a debate on whether the term “Christmas” is politically correct? The most recent foray is state legislators bickering over whether to call the giant tree put on display at the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin a “Christmas Tree.” Since 1985 it’s been referred to as a “Holiday Tree.”

The folks with the Freedom from Religion Foundation say it is what it is and should be left that way. Others think its time to rethink the issue. I’m all for not offending people, but the term holiday is sooooh generic! Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and Halloween are holidays as well. I didn’t include New Year’s in the mix because people often think of that as part of the Christmas season. Do those holidays have trees? You know the kind you put ornaments, tinsel and lights on?

It’s a dumb questions and do agree with the Freedom from Religion Foundation that legislators have more important things to talk about. I vote for using the term “Christmas Tree.” At least in my own home I don’t have to worry about offending someone with that term. If you’re religion free is it possible to “practice what you preach?”

On other Christmas topics:

When do we get to the point where we see an impact on crowded stores and malls from shopping online? I’m ashamed to say I’ve been doing more of that, but then again one of the persons I’m shopping for is very discriminating. Translation they want movies on DVD and other items you won’t find locally.

The TV networks can rerun episodes of newer television series over and over. Why can’t they run traditional Christmas programs like Charlie Brown’s Christmas more than once? And for heaven’s sake why not run them closer to Christmas.

Christmas traditions can be real odd. We have one in our family where someone takes a mildly offensive term and puts it on a post-it note on my mom’s refrigerator. Throughout the course of several days cruder fashions for that term start popping up on a make shift list. I didn’t say it was a nice tradition, but I think my mother actually enjoys the humor in it. This year I’m going to suggest the term “Christmas Tree.”
P.S. That's not the State Capitol's tree.