Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sick of the Presidential Race?

The question people keep asking me whenever they see coverage of the Presidential race is, “Aren’t you just sick of it already?” They then add, “And it really hasn’t begun yet.”

At the beginning of the year the prospect of electing are first woman president or first African-American president held some appeal. However over the past few months we’ve probably found out more about Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama then we’ve wanted to. Meanwhile John McCain awaits an opponent and gets in his licks when he can.

Hillary’s been buried prematurely before, but following the North Carolina and Indiana primaries there’s reports her campaign is running out of money. Add to that former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator George McGovern urging her to drop out of the Democratic presidential race. He was backing her now he’s endorsing Obama.

Obama seems to have survived the controversy over his former pastor’s raves. If he does indeed become the Democratic nominee what other dirt will be uncovered? I’m just asking because in our “can’t wait” society we learn everything about everyone before they become someone.

I will be honest that John McCain’s age is something that bothers me. He’ll be 72-years-old in August and would be older than Ronald Reagan was when Reagan was elected President. Staunch Republicans will point towards Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments. However the world is in a whole different state than it was in that era. For one thing America wasn’t in the midst of a prolonged war.

So who to vote for? That will probably be an Election Day decision for a lot of us. Please don’t waste it with a “Mickey Mouse” or “Darth Vader” write-in. You can start the name-calling after the candidate has been in the White House for a while.

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