Sunday, August 24, 2008

Box of Stuff

Can you really tell anything about a person by the stuff that they save? Maybe, and maybe not! I got around to my spring cleaning a little bit late this year. I found one box in the basement that had me scratching my head as to why I’d save the items in it.

First of all there were parts to a vacuum cleaner. That might not seem so strange, but I got rid of that vacuum cleaner years ago and the one I own now has its own accessories.

There was also half of a two-cassette series on learning to speak Spanish. Don’t know where the other tape is and I abandoned the effort when I found out it was mostly to make you fluent enough to pass as a poorly equipped tourist.

There was also a scuffed up softball. Not sure, but I think its stuffing may have been made of sawdust. Good enough to throw around.

Then there was a box for a miniature porcelain nativity set without the nativity set. The set I’d packed away in with other Christmas stuff years ago.

Finally there was a small Packer football figurine that you’d hang from your rearview mirror in your car. Thinking it was cute at the time I’d used a magic marker to put the number four on it.

So what do those items tell you about me?

The vacuum cleaner parts could represent my desire to try and keep organized in life even when I’m not sure how to accomplish that.

The Spanish tape. My desire to learn more about my fellow man; granted it would only be a small understanding.

The scuffed up softball is the desire to hold onto my youth. Especially when I have two young nephews who are starting to get interested in sports.

The faux Favre. Well you got to have heroes and someone that inspires you. I wonder about the timing of finding that one.

The box for the nativity set. Faith itself. It’s for something you know exists, even when you can’t see it.

As for the box. It represents life. Something you place all of what makes you unique in. What’s in your box of stuff?

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