Monday, January 18, 2010

Elway Ending

Will Brett Favre get the Elway Ending he's seeking, retirement after a second Super Bowl win? I'm not as big a Favre fan as when he played with the Packers, but it's an interesting story line.

The NFL would probably like a Vikings-Colts Super Bowl matchup because then you can tout two starting quarterbacks with 7 MVP trophies between them.

It's also ironic that to get to the Super Bowl Favre will have to win at the Super Dome, the scene of his Super Bowl triumph with the Green Bay Packers.

Win or lose it should be an interesting NFC Championship Game this weekend and as a Packer's fan I'm torn. As a green and gold fan I'm almost obligated to root against the Vikings. It also would be really nice to see the Saints go to their first Super Bowl.

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