Monday, November 14, 2011

Buyer Beware

It's probably too hard to see, but both these candy bars were warped when I bought them. I purchased them out of curiousity. To play it safe I threw them in the fringe before trying them. They tasted just fine.

That leads me to this encounter at the sales counter. The clerk asked if they were on the shelf that way. Refraining from a snotty reply I said yes. She then sold them to me without any other questions.

Just for the heck of it I went back to the store and looked on the same shelf about two to three weeks later. More warped candy bars. I bought one at the sales counter. Different clerk, no questions this time. This was not the only disappointment I experienced at this particular franchised store. When I purchased the candy bars the first time I had gone in the store for four different items. They didn't have two of them. Needless to say I can't hardly wait to see what kind of rewards they have in store for people who actually own one of their rewards cards.

For some reason I frequent the same stores and restaurants no matter how poor the service. Point of interest I always stop at a burger restaurant in Menominee, Michigan whenever I'm on my way up to the U.P. On different trips, they had no ice in their ice machine, didn't have food ready in a timely fashion and were out of some items.

The last time I was returning to Wisconsin I stopped for a restroom break and to pick up some hamburgers. The urinal I used began to flood when I flushed it to the point of overflow, but eventually stopped. Then when I went to wash my hands there were no hand towels in the machine. I debated whether to tell employees of the restaurant about it, but was finally fed up with the crappy service and decided not to.

Each time I stop there are fewer people in the restaurant. I think maybe the buyers are finally becoming aware.

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