Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wintry Friend

Hello old wintry friend. Plenty of people I've spoken to lately hate how much snow we've received and just want it to stop. For me it's the winter I didn't get to experience five years ago.

I went into a Milwaukee hospital in early February of 2008 for hip surgery. Because of the surgery, complications and rehab I spent the next 6 weeks in hospitals and a rehab center.

The day I went into the hospital for surgery most of southeastern Wisconsin got 12 inches of snow. It was a snowy winter, perhaps our last big winter until this year. I like a good winter it helps me adjust to a new year and put the old one behind me. It also gives me time to organize and take care of things I put off. By spring I'm ready for change.

In addition to the abundant snowfall we've gotten this winter, I've also experienced some loss which I think winter also symbolizes. My Uncle Clyde Chartier passed away at the age of 89. I saw him out Christmas shopping, but a stroke took the life out of him and eventually his life. A classmate at Northern Michigan University went into the hospital to get some problems taken care of and the next thing I know I'm reading about his death on Facebook. Plus another friend I've come to make in Fond du Lac suffered a stroke.

These are all parts of life and maybe I'm more sensitive about them because my Dad passed away one day in January when I was attending college. The last thing we talked about was the upcoming Super Bowl. That was 1980. I knew he was sick, but didn't think he was that sick. It's funny how little our differences while I was a teenager seem to matter now. The real comfort I feel now is when I enjoy a television show, movie or book and think Dad would have loved that.

I no longer take family for granted. We still have our differences from time to time, but more importantly we cherish the time that we can get together. Winter is almost over and spring is hope eternal to twist an old phrase.


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