Saturday, June 06, 2015


I've been drinking Starbuck's coffee's for years, but until the other day had never actually bought one in one of their stores. A couple months ago I was sent a Starbuck's gift card by someone and I worked up the nerve to finally use it.

Fond du Lac has a Starbuck's so I decided to walk in and order some iced coffee. After I did, with apologies to Seinfeld, I felt like I had walked into a Soup Nazi episode.

First I got into the wrong line. I was in the pick up line and not the line for ordering. Someone nicely informed me of that. Once I got into the line I placed an order for a vanilla flavored ice-coffee. That was my first indication that I did not have the right lingo down. The second came when I got into the pick up line, which really wasn't a line at all. It was more like pick a spot near the entrance where you don't impede foot traffic.

Finally my order came. I didn't realize it at first because there was the lingo problem. To me what was a vanilla-flavored iced coffee came out of the barista's mouth as all together something different. It came out at warp speed and more akin to Klingon, at least to me. I didn't know it was mine at first until I worked up the courage to pick up the cup and read the label. Yep it was mine. The rest of the customers must have thought I was a moron.

One thing I learned from the experience is that apparently you have to have one heck of a coffee buzz going to thoroughly understand the barista. He has the lingo down and well enough to rattle it off like a mosquito. I do plan to go back. I don't believe in the phrase "No Coffee for you!"

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