Friday, March 31, 2006

Radio Fools....

I've had the opportunity to work with some fools or at least at some times foolish people in the radio biz. So with April Fool's Day I thought I'd pass along some examples of how foolish we all can be sometimes.

In Michigan's Upper Peninsula I once worked with a guy we called "The Captain." He always seemed to have trouble with his car. One day a friend asked him how many miles he had put on the old clunker since he had bought it. "50,000 miles." "Ever change the oil?" "Well how often do you have to do that?"

In Minocqua I worked with a fishing guide who came in and recorded a fishing program for us every summer. He'd pretty much record the programs and leave and we never really knew what we we're going to hear. One day the feature was playing and he talked about some experts in Walleye baiting. He used a different term for expert and skipped the word Walleye when he referred to those pros in his feature.

Along those same lines an announcer I worked with in Beaver Dam once did a sports cast talking about a local high school football team that had made it to sectionals. They were playing that day in a Division Four game. He went through the sportscast not realizing listeners probably got a laugh when he referred to the team that was competing in Division Four play.

Sometimes you get a few jokers at work and in Beaver Dam we had a guy who sometimes would slip in a few fake birthdays like Harry Monke (monkey) from DeForest. He wasn't the one who read them and other announcers sometimes would end up reading the zingers. To this day I'm still wondering if one of our morning announcers ever got the joke when he read the birthday for Mayville music teacher Carrie Okie (karaoke) ?

Anyway if you'd like to enjoy a few laughs and benefit a good cause "The Second City Touring Company" will be performing Saturday, April 1st at the Fond du Lac High School Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. It's good clean humor and will benefit ASTOP.