Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rally around the Humane Society...
The Fond du Lac Humane Society deals with about 2,000 abandoned or unwanted pets a year. They basically provide a rescue operation. Now it's time for someone to rescue the Humane Society.
They won't be going into a building in the city's southwest industrial park. That doesn't change the fact that their 35-year-old facility is no longer adequate for their needs.
Put away any bitter feelings that may have cropped up over a special use permit request and cash in on the help that has been offered as a result of publicity surrounding the issue. They won't be there forever. Take a page from our Wisconsin Governors and form a task force. Man it with people from the Humane Society, City and Business leaders. Good minds can solve any problems and lots of minds seem to speed up the process. For a dog the hardest thing to determine is whether the hand that's being extended is one of kindness. Trust that the offers of help are sincere and hope for a rewarding experience.


Jim Guell said...

Yes, I agree and thankyou for noticing the plight of the animals. They have no voice other than ours. Thanks for not broadcasting anymore that President Nixon was impeached when he was not. He resigned. Thanks

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