Tuesday, June 20, 2006

1960's Wedding!

My little brother Matt got married last Saturday in what was a 1960's themed wedding. It was different, fun, but still about family. Flanked by his 1969 Super Bee and her 1964 G-T-O they got married in their side yard.

The wedding party and many of the guests wore 1960s garb. Matt looked a little bit like Tommy Chong in his hey day. My brother John nearly stole the show in his get up. He really did look like a hippie, but the hair topped off the look. He actually used a long wig borrowed from a Halloween witch's outfit and was barely recognizeable.

After the brief ceremony the procession of muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s made its way to town doing burn outs along the way. Then it was off to the nearby Hiawatha School for the reception. It's no longer a school, but everyone still refers to it that way.

There was no triple or quadruple tiered wedding cake, but a variety of single layer offerings. One featured the yellow smiley face. The bride and groom's cake actually had likenesses of their cars on it. Unfortuanately one of the kids ate my brother's car, the cake version of course, before he could get to it. The food was good and the company was better. The dollar dance was a little different with my brother doing his bit, but the bride had a stand-in.

There was one party crasher, a dog that made his way into the school gym. Everyone thought he had been brought by a guest, but word quickly spread that he had simply wondered in. Later we got a good laugh when the lady that owned him pulled up in a minivan and ushered him into a back seat with a few harsh words. He didn't mind. He had his moment.

Matt and Laurie were married by a minister from the Universal Life Church. My sister Diana told us the next afternoon that she also was a minister from that church and could have married the couple if she had a license for Michigan instead of Ohio. Someone joked that they didn't want a headline like "Sister Marries Brother" to get out.

My Dad passed away when I was a sophomore in college. He's now missed three family weddings, but it was nice that Matt got married the day before Father's Day. The reception was held in the school about a mile from Indian Lake. My father spent many summers vacationing on the Lake. He loved it. Maybe part of him was in the warm breeze that blessed the day.


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