Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rosenow 50th

It's amazing how quickly the years can melt away when you attend a school function. For me that was the case when I attended a 50th Anniversary celebration at Rosenow Elementary School in Fond du Lac.

The excitement of the children in a learning environment is contagious. Of course it was just before summer break, but the sunny morning and having Mom or Dad on hand probably helped as well.

Festivities occurred during the school's morning kick off. Announcements are made, jokes are told and everyone is a partner in education. "Why won't a shark eat a comedian? Because they taste funny." That will bring a smile to the face of a youngster.

High School students who think they have it tough or aren't appreciated should participate in a mentorship program with an elementary student. When the Fond du Lac High School Marching Band came into that gym you could hear the murmur of admiration. The younger students really look up to those high schoolers and it's pretty evident.

The Band led the students out to the playground playing catchy tunes like "Ghostbusters" while a small plane made passes overhead. Eventually it dropped bags of ping pong balls from the sky, 500 in all. The kids were able to redeem the balls for a piece of cake from one of five large sheet cakes, a nice little treat to cap the school year and celebrate 50 years of education and community pride.

I'm not sure what Rosenow looked like in 1955, but for me it reminded me of what the elementary schools I attended looked like. I went to three all told as our family moved around. One of them has now been converted into a community center (where my younger brother Matt gets married next week), another is still open and the other..well I'm not sure. When a school has been open for 50 years and is still a vital part of the community there should be an anniversary celebration and the students, teachers and staff at Rosenow couldn't have done it better. Congratulations Rosenow and to all the students who have attended it over the years!