Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dog Gone

I know for a fact it is not the year of the dog in the Nelson households. Both my brother and my mother had to put down their dogs this year. Age isn’t very kind to any one of us, but it’s particularly hard on dogs, as they get older.

My mom had to put hers down a couple of weeks ago. “Ozzie” (yes it’s a play on the old TV series) developed a weak bladder and was nearly blind. My mom didn’t have the heart to put “Ozzie” down, but when he began to whimper she knew it was time.

It has to be the hardest thing you can do when you own a dog. My brother John had to put his Golden Retriever “Buster” down a couple months earlier. “Buster” wasn’t as bright as his father “Timber,” but he loved the human company and had a very friendly way about him. His death wrecked my nephew Derek. John told me they were out one day and were driving home when Derek saw another Golden Retriever along the road and “Derek” said “Look Dad it’s “Buster” and he wants to come home.”

Since then they got a new dog they call “Coco.” My first encounter with “Coco” was kind of funny. I went to visit my brother and he wasn’t home, but they always leave their back door unlocked (It’s a UP thing). I went in and “Coco” looked at me. He tucked his tail between his legs and began to bark. I laughed and then left. John later told me one of the reasons they got “Coco” was to alert them when someone was near the house. Close enough I guess.

As for “Ozzie” he was a good companion for my mom. He was spoiled from the beginning, but you’d think he was never fed the way he guarded his food. Towards the end my mom had a hard time getting him to eat anything. Quite by accident she found out he liked peanut butter fudge. It probably wasn’t good for him, but by that time I don’t think it really could do him any harm.

She says she won’t get another dog because she doesn’t want to have to go through that kind of pain again. That’s what she said after she lost “Cricket,” another lap dog, some years ago. About a year and a half later we were introduced to “Ozzie.”

Yeah I know they aren’t human after all. Maybe they aren’t “Man’s best friend.” But they sure seem to bring out the best in man.

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StewartG said...

People that are not dog lover's don't understand how it feels to lose a life long companion. I received an email from a friend today lost his companion of 10 years this week. Dog's become a part of your family and always missed when they are gone. God Bless and Happy New Year.