Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I’m not sure how I managed it, but I actually got Thanksgiving off this year. Normally I work and that’s not a problem because it’s a shorter workday and there’s rarely anyone else at the station other than myself and our morning man.

So what to do? I may actually watch the parades. For me it’s hard because for the television networks it’s more of an opportunity to promote their personalities and shows that need their ratings shored up. As a kid I did enjoy the big balloon figures, but as an adult I’m not so much in favor of the bloated TV personalities.

This year I’m even going the full-blown Thanksgiving Turkey route. Normally I settle for a small helping of turkey that’s included in a casserole or even a microwave meal. I’ll supplement that with sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie.

Then of course there’s football. I’ll watch the Detroit game, but not usually the Dallas game because by then I’m ready for a Christmas movie or some other holiday entertainment. I think the Detroit game could be immensely entertaining this year, especially if you’re a Tennessee Titan fan.

I’ve even given some thought to participating in Black Friday sales events this year. Not the standing in line pre-dawn, but maybe going in later in the day. I know I’ll miss the door buster events, but am willing to settle. By the way that term door buster gets used a little too frequently these days and is losing its appeal.

Although most of us have been through the ringer this year I will be truly grateful. I made up my mind while recuperating from hip surgery earlier this year that I’d be thankful for more of the things I’ve taken for granted. I guess that includes Thanksgiving. By the way Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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