Friday, January 30, 2009

Cruel To Animals

You don’t hear about everything that goes on at a radio station on the air. It’s supposed to be a slick professional product, but behind the scenes the other day it got a little interesting. I walked back to our kitchen area to get a cup of coffee and got zoomed by a bird. I checked to make sure it wasn’t a bat, but the frightened fowl was small and meek.

It flew up behind some cupboards and I checked behind the refrigerator to make sure it hadn’t gotten caught up in the coils on the back. No somehow it managed to escape and must have flown up into the ceiling area of the building. If you’ve ever been inside KFIZ it’s more like a warehouse or loft in the office area.

Eventually one of our guys corralled it and got it outdoors, but not before it banged into one of our huge picture windows and stunned itself. Now if you’re going “poor thing” than you’re probably appalled by the recent thrill killings of ducks and deer in Wisconsin. One of those incidents happened right here in Fond du Lac. I’m right along with you on that.

A policeman I know says things like that can really work people up into a lather, but reminded me that there are folks out there committing violent crimes against people that will probably get less jail time than those responsible for wildlife “thrill kills.” He says we should be more ashamed of that. He’s probably right.

Still I can’t see being intentionally cruel to animals. That goes back to an incident that happened when I was very young. It involved my brother John who was only a few years old at the time. My mom caught him swinging a cat by the tail out in the backyard. She was mad. To make her point she picked him up by the legs and began swinging him around, threatening to let him go. How do you like it she asked? Needless to say it scared the heck out of him.

Fortunately that was back in the day when you could get away with disciplining your kid and not have to worry about being charged with child abuse. As for my brother John he loves animals to this day. Wouldn’t you?

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