Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

I wonder how the almighty might get out the 10 commandments these days? I’d be willing to bet that most people can name at least one. Some how Moses made his way down the mountain and they were passed along through the years. I say this after receiving a complaint about the extension of Fond du Lac’s winter parking restrictions.

It was pointed out to me that some people are still unaware of it and how it works. That’s because they don’t read the newspaper or listen to local radio stations. This particular person registered their gripe about it by reading it on and faxing their anonymous thoughts. Plus the city used their city watch program to place robocalls to make people aware of it. As if that weren’t enough they’ve been considering placing notices on message boards along our roads.

This particular person feels the extended restrictions should be scrapped and the city should go with the nighttime only restrictions. It’s a legitimate complaint and it’s particularly hard on our visitors. However I’ve tried navigating a number of streets during daytime hours and although I can get my car through I’m wondering how a plow, fire truck or ambulance can?

A couple weeks ago I sat in the parking lot at the Town of Eldorado Town Hall waiting for word from Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s officials about shootings at a residence just up the road. We know how that turned out, but everyday life continued even as people were being turned away from going up the road during the investigation into the shooting. One officer turned away a realtor who was supposed to show a home up the road. He noted it wasn’t a particularly good day to be showing a property.

Every small town has its local hometown hero. In Manistique, Michigan when it came to athletics it was Ron Rubick. He was a high school football star in the late 1950s who later gained fame as a high school football coach in Manitowoc. He recently passed away. After retiring Rubick moved back to Manistique where he lived until he died. Although I grew up in Manistique I never knew the man, but that doesn’t prohibit me from respecting him. When I played high school football his name was always used whenever people mentioned some of the best teams that ever played for the school.

He could have been selfish, but instead whenever he was asked about his success he credited players, coaches and others he first played with and later coached himself. That’s rare. Rubick’s #33 was actually retired twice. The second time in 2000 because when the original high school was demolished it was misplaced. It was the players of that later era who asked for the second retirement of Rubick’s jersey, kids who played more than 40 years after the “Manistique Missile.”

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Dennis said...

I have to wonder why our government is given our hard earned money to all of these banks, auto makers, insurance company’s etc. when what they should do is give the tax payers that money and allow the real back bone of the ecomney the comsumer to inprove the ecomney. I am sure that all most everyone that received a 1000,000.00 to 200,000.00 dollar check would pay off there mortage, credit cards, buy new autos, do home improvements, invest some money etc. everyone that i talk to agrees but no one can tell why our government will not do this or why they can nott see this. May be you can some how start the ball rolling and get people talking about this.