Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What About Bob?

Apologies to those in the blogosphere for my lack of blogs over the last three months. I actually had some subject matter on several occasions, but didn't get around to it. Which probably begs the question "What About Bob?"

I've actually been cheating on my blog. The affair has been with Facebook and Twitter. Part of this can be blamed on work. When Twitter first started becoming popular I signed up for an account because we didn't have one for work. Later we were asked to sign up for Facebook so we could feature some of our brillant wit and insights for people who follow KFIZ.

Long story short I now have both a work and personal account, plus KFIZ has an account. I also have a work and personal account for Facebook, plus KFIZ has a page. So people have had a lot of opportunities to find out "What About Bob" on Twitter and Facebook.

Alas my fascination with both Facebook and Twitter is starting to fade a bit and I can rededicate myself to trying to post blogs again on a more regular basis. By the way when I did indulge in Facebook and Twitter it was never to excess.

I have two Facebook friends that I believe are in need of some serious counseling. When I do open my Facebook page their posts dominate. While I value their wit and insights I'm beginning to wonder what they do with their lives outside of work and Facebook.

Some food for thought if you have a Facebook page or Twitter Account and don't post to excess you probably have a pretty good offline life and the people you talk to face-to-face probably value your opinion much more than those who follow you online.

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