Monday, July 02, 2012


When it comes to radio talk-shows where are you more likely to find a "Diva" in front of the microphone or behind it?

I've interviewed thousands of people over the years on the radio and to be honest have rarely had to interview someone with "attitude." In fact only one person readily comes to mind. I could easily dismiss her as being a perfectionist and wanting to have things done just, so but I'm not the only one who thinks of her as having a "Diva" like complex.

That being said I have run into a number of radio talk-show hosts who are Divas in their own right. They bring their ego and opinion to the show and think that is why people are tuning in. Of course they may not be wrong. How many people tune in to nationally syndicated talk-shows because they love disagreeing with the host.

I however was referring to talk-show hosts I've worked with on the local level. I ran into one early in my radio career who had a higher opinion of himself than those around him. He was entertaining though and reminded me a lot of the Les Nesman character in the TV series "WKRP in Cincinnati." Another I worked with was simply better than anyone and let everyone know it.

More recently my "Diva" experience had to do with a colleague who 98 percent of the time was a very good talk-show host, loved doing interviews, and the people he had to talk to. Enter politics. That was his one obstacle. He hated doing political interviews. The interviews he didn't like doing were usually with someone whose political affiliation he didn't agree with.

I have to confess I don't enjoy every interview I do, but generally do enjoy the people I interview. Then again a good talk-show host will recognize that radio is about entertaining and informing. Don't be too quick to take a bow. It's a bad position to be in if someone is planning to give you a good swift kick.

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