Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tiny Voices

It's a tossup whether I like them or not, but the new Subway commercials featuring adults talking in child-like voices got me to thinking.

How much child-like behavior do you see in the workplace? Sounds like a strange notion, but not if you give it a little thought.

Remeber the kid that never put his or her toys away? Exhibit number one is usually a person's desk. Then there are those who literally expect someone to go behind them and clean up after them. Mounds of paper left anywhere no problem. Things left not where they are supposed to be, but where you would never guess.

The know-it-all. When you were a kid was there another kid who constantly said, "I know, I know, I know." When you grow up it's the person who thinks they know everything and constantly gives an unsolicited opinion. And they don't like anything or at least it seems that way.

It's unfortunate that a lot of kids today eat in front of the TV and don't sit down for meals because at least they would learn some table manners. The office pig is a person who for some reason only gets half of what they are munching on in their mouth. The rest ends up somewhere else on their person or on the floor. You can usually find them by following a trail of potato chips back to their cubicle.

Mr. or Mrs. Loud. Always the loudest kid on the playground, now the loudest in the office. I'm not sure sometimes whether it's intentional or not. You know that person the one you can hear no matter where you are in the office. Sometimes this can be a bad thing if they are spreading office gossip. Sometimes it's annoying and sometimes just plain funny. They must be a joy during the family Christmas gathering.

Honestly we can probably count ourselves lucky if we do still have a little kid in us. It keeps things fresh.

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