Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter!

It was nice to see the recent effort of City and County of Fond du Lac employees who donated stuffed animals to brighten the Easter holiday for needy children.

Sandy Foote is the Community Services Officer with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department. She told me she got the idea and decided to e-mail employees at the City-County Government Center never dreaming they'd donate over 500 Easter-related stuffed animals.

They were distributed to area shelters, clinics and schools who come across children from families that can't always afford things like Easter chocolate or jelly beans.

Sandy wrote another e-mail thanking those employees for their generous donations. Because of her humble nature she had Chief Deputy Sheriff Mick Fink pose with all those fuzzy bunnies before they were given out. I had the chance to pass by Sandy's office several times while the stuffed animals were taking up residence. It instantly elicited a smile, even when she wasn't seated in the office with them.

She shared with me that a recent tour of the the Sheriff's offices brought in "at-risk" children, who haven't had many good encounters with law enforcement officials. She says all those happy hares melted a few hearts.

Easter is after all about sacrifice and redemption.


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