Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The New Michael Jackson

Is Tom Cruise the new Michael Jackson? I'm not referring to Jackson's alleged child touching problems, but more the outrageous behavior aspect.

Once upon a time I did movie reviews and a daily entertainment feature for another radio station. One of my guilty pleasures is watching "The Insider" while I'm typing up news stories or preparing "KFIZ Today" for the next day. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have become a staple for the show.

Recent examples of Tom's weird behavior have included the couch jumping incident on Oprah, comments on "The Today Show" about Brooke Shields use of prescription drugs and now his Jackson-like attempts to aviod the media. Okay I don't blame him on the last one. He didn't go as far as donning a disguise like Michael, but the three black SUVs taking seperate routes with only one containing the cute couple was a stroke of genius.

One of our staff members wondered why Tom never had a baby with wife #1 Mimi Rogers or wife #2 Nicole Kidman. Maybe Tom's just middle age crazy?

I still enjoy his movies and never really allow Hollywood shenanigans to prevent me from seeing a film I'm likely to enjoy. After all whether it's reel life or real life Tom Cruise is providing us with entertainment.

I wish Tom and Katie good luck on their marriage or as some might term it "Mission Impossible III."


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