Friday, April 21, 2006

Job Well Done

This week saw the end of leadership roles for two women at the top of local government. Brenna Garrison-Bruden's 12 years with the Fond du Lac County Board, the last four as County Board Chair concluded. Lindee Kimball's term as President of the Fond du Lac City Council also ended, although she continues to sit on the Council.

Tuesday night was tough for Brenna who is giving up the County Board to pursue a Master's Degree. She was touched by the heartfelt thanks Board members extended to her as they signed in for new two-year terms.

For Lindee it was a challenging year as new Council President Mark Jurgella noted. Some may criticize, but she remained level-headed and talked in the positive about city government the entire year.

The good news is there is no lack of women in leadership roles in private business and organizations. I thought about that and would like to mention a few. FAVR, Bethany House, ASTOP, the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership, the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Marian College, Moraine Park Technical College, the Volunteer Center of Fond du Lac County, the Fond du Lac Area United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the list could continue.

Of course if you include goverment roles there's the County Clerk, Treasurer, Clerk of Courts, Register of Deeds and others on City Councils, Town and Village Boards.

As for Brenna and Lindee I have no doubt their leadership roles will continue as well. They both were fair in using the gavel at meetings. I wish them both continued success.


Anonymous said...

Nice post Bob. The ladies did a great job!

Anonymous said...

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