Friday, May 12, 2006

The Crows are organizing!

It was an odd sight to see in one of Fond du Lac's busiest intersections. A crow swooped down to pick up a piece of I don't want to know what right at one of the corners of Johnson and Main. The timing was impeccable because it landed and picked up its gross little treasure and flew off during a rare lull in morning traffic. You ever see traffic there at nine in the morning on a weekeday?

I mentioned this on "The Breakfast Club" one morning. I told host Jerry St. John that one guy I worked with in Beaver Dam had a theory about crows. He used to say they are getting bigger, bolder and smarter.

They almost dare you when they're enjoying a meal on some highway to interrupt with your vehicle. In high school I once hit a crow or he hit me. I actually slowed down and waited for him to move and he did at the last minute. I still remember my parents' skeptical look when I tried to explain the dented luggage rack on top of the family station wagon. As for Mr. Blackbird, he went on his merry way.

KFIZ Agriculture Director Rae Nell Halbur tells me that crows will actually pick off moles that come out from underneath hay piles. She says it's a common site and kind of shoots holes in the theory that crows only lunch on meals that aren't moving or come served up courtesy of moving vehicles.

Jerry St. John says if crows ever do organize and decide to fight back that seagulls will probably be their foot soldiers. Okay now we're getting into Alfred Hitchcock territory, but try walking past a line of crows perched on a telephone wire and not think about what's going on in those devious little minds.