Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weekenders...thoughts at the end of the Week!

Plenty of thoughts running through my head at the end of the week. What follows are just a few quick observations.

Packer 1st Round Draft Choice A.J. Hawk sounds like a good fit for the team. A small town guy with big play capabilities who'd rather impress on the field.

Don Winke of Fond du Lac saved 4-year-old Jacob Kay from drowning in the Lakeside Park Harbor. I met Don Thursday. He and his wife are nice people who didn't mind the attention, preferring to be subjected to the media spotlight over what could easily have been a tragedy.

There really is no way to give the families of 9/11 victims the justice that they deserve.

Ever wonder why the end of the TV season and start of the big summer movie season coincide?

If the U.S. is a nation of immigrants why weren't we all out on the streets protesting this past Monday?

Is the practice of flying flags at half-staff in honor of the passing of someone special becoming too common place?

Are bigger sized television sets replacing our real windows on the world, picture windows?

Congratulations to the Munson family of Fond du Lac who has given us four generations of firefighters and paramedics providing 113 years of service to the community and counting.

I had a guest on our "Focus" talkshow in the KFIZ studio Thursday. We have TV sets in our studios and he confessed the last time he was on the show he was distracted by shots over my shoulder of models for Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit model. I noticed he again was distracted by something that was on the television and asked him during a commercial break what he was watching this time. He said he was horrified to see some place where people were paying $4.36 a gallon for gasoline. Aren't we all?