Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Telling the Terrible Tale!

It's impossible not to be affected by some stories that you tell. Behind the scenes KFIZ listeners don't get to see the reports and criminal complaints we read. The people we have to talk to before the tale can be told.

Stark reality is reading in black and white the factual details about the incidents leading up to the death of a 3- year- old Waupun boy. It's also knowing that local police have to break the sad new to relatives across the country that a 79-year-old North Fond du Lac woman died in a duplex fire.

To me it's interesting to see the reaction you get from people in the community while you're gathering the news.

Some of the comments I heard. About the boy's death allegedly at the hands of his foster father.

"How could someone do that to a child?" "What was he thinking?" "Parents are supposed to be protecting their kids." And of course the one you hear the most often in such circumstances, "That's sick!"

About the death of the elderly woman.

"Isn't that sad?" "I feel sorry for the family." "I hope she didn't suffer."

One of the radio station owners I used to work for had a "If it bleeds, it leads" philosophy about news. I once asked him why that was the case. He said people find comfort in the fact that it didn't happen to them or someone they know. Problem with that is it does impact someone's life.

For me the two stories do get me to thinking. Mother's Day is coming up and it makes me appreciate the people I love and care for. So tell Mom you appreciate the sacrifices she made and hug your children for no special reason at all!