Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Friend Jerry!

My friend Jerry St. John has prostate cancer. That's about as much as I can say with a smiley face. He chose to go public with it this week, even though we in the KFIZ Family have known about it for some time. You can read about it at:

I'm confident Jerry will win his battle, but sometimes cancer can sneak up on you. Folks at the Fond du Lac City-County Goverment Center were recently devastated by the death of Debbie Horning who was 51-years-old. She kept fit, loved NASCAR and could be seen walking daily in the city.

It's true that if you aren't directly affected by cancer you probably know someone who has had some form of it. It attacked my mother and one of my sister's. My mom had to alter her life somewhat. My sister was robbed of the ability to have children of her own. Even when you beat cancer it can leave scars.

I knew a woman in Beaver Dam who survived cancer. She was coming up on her five-year anniversary when she was diagnosed with another form of cancer. She was a regular in a Relay for Life event. I asked her if she was bitter about getting cancer a second time. She said she'd rather have to go through chemo and everything else then to have to watch one of her children get it. Sometimes even when you lose you can be a winner. Go get'em Jerry!