Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rolling Meadows Closing

I learned a long time ago that the news that I report is impacting lives. Once in a while a phone call helps remind me of that fact.

It was from a young man who wanted to know if we were going to be talking with some of the nurses from Rolling Meadows about losing their jobs. We had talked to a few since Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel made the original recommendation in May.

Sometimes you just have to listen, that's why this call came my way. Here's what I learned. His mother is working a couple of jobs to make ends meet, 16 hours a day some days. She'd been working at Rolling Meadows for 16 years and didn't have enough seniority to be among those who may have a shot at jobs on a wing at the Health Care Center (Harbor Haven).

He went on to say that his Mom had worked at other nursing home facilities and wouldn't want to work at another facility in Fond du Lac County again. She's 49-years old and will be looking out of the County for another job.

I share this with you in part because of a statement made by a County Supervisor who had heard from people or who had through his own interpretation believes the media and others thought the group trying to save Rolling Meadows was a loud and vocal minority. We never made such statements in our news. Given the chance to fight for a job that I love and one that affects my life, you better believe I'd be vocal too.

I did try and schedule a few nurses for our Focus program, but they declined because it was too soon after the Board's decision and they were still coping with what had been done.

During a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee studying the issue some of the Rolling Meadows workers brought a group of balloons to represent the residents being served at the nursing home. They shouldn't be forgotten either. Hence the photo.

I've shared one story about how the closing of Rolling Meadows will impact an employee. There are more than 120 others.


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